Need bbq catering for your small event? Big Roast largely caters for over thirty people but we find that some smaller events are much better suited to enjoy a mixed barbeque.

The Barbeque KingThis is where the “Barbeque King” comes into his own – our colleagues at English Meat have been doing external barbeque events for over ten years.

They will be delighted to put together a barbeque for your event or provide one alongside a traditional spit or hog roast to provide some variety for your guests.

Prices for Barbeque King events

Our basic barbeque packages include a gas barbeque, serving tables, a gazebo, rolls and sauces.

  • For up to 25 guests
  • For up to 50 guests
  • For up to 75 guests
  • For up to 100 guests
  • For up to 150 guests
  • For up to 200 guests

We can also offer our Barbeque King services at larger events alongside a hog roast or simply to cater for larger number. Please contact us directly to get more information.

Meat Prices for Barbeque King events

Our basic meat is priced as follows and needs to be added to the costs above.

  • Free Range Burgers In Burger Bun
£4.25 each
  • Free Range Burgers With Cheese & Sliced Tomato In Burger Bun
£4.75 each
  • Jumbo Free Range Sausages In Hot Dog Roll
£4.25 each
  • Veggie Burger In Burger Bun
£4.25 each
  • Chicken Skewers
£3.60 each
  • Halloumi Kebabs
£3.60 each
  • Minted Lamb Chops
£4.50 each
  • Chicken Thighs
£3.00 each
  • Chicken Legs
£2.75 each
  • Marinades Available – Jerk, Piri Piri, Smokey BBQ, Chinese

Details on the “Barbeque King” offering can be found on the Barbeque King website and customers can all us directly to inquire about the services.

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