Lamb roasts are a speciality we offer to customers across London and are the perfect catering solution for smaller events of about 50 people. Big Roast slowly roasts our lambs on a traditional rotisserie style spit and serve the succulent lamb cuts with a soft roll and special mint sauce.

Our full lamb spit roast comes with a sprinkle of garlic and rosemary to compliment the high-quality meat. To further compliment your dish, we supply crispy, roasted potatoes.

While the weight of a lamb varies through the year, our average lamb weighs around 22-kilograms. This allows us to serve 176-grams of meat per person at an event with 50 people. While you miss out of the crackling that comes with a hog roast, you do still get to enjoy a delicious lamb roast meal without the hassle of having to set up and watch the rotisserie yourself.

Our Big Roast chef will arrive at your event four hours before the spit lamb roast serving time. Once your guests have arrived, our chef will carve and serve your guests with beautiful cuts of meat.

We also offer lamb loin roasts which are essentially a shoulder of lamb with the bone in tact which imparts a distinct flavour into the meat. This option is suitable for small events as well and takes less time to cook.

To round the meal off we offer a range of optional extras, like salads, which are of course a great addition and perfectly suited to a lamb roast.




Basic Lamb Package:

A normal lamb roast in London takes the following structure – but we can be flexible dependent on the needs of your event.
Serves up to 40 portions

Price: £760
A normal lamb roast in London takes the following structure – but we can be flexible dependent on the needs of your event.

  1. We Lamb Roast Rollarrive about four-hours before serving.
  2. After our initial set up, the lamb takes about 2- 2.5-hours to be cooked on the spit roast with rosemary – garlic can be added towards the end of cooking, if requested (although a spit roast is a very hot place for garlic to be).
  3. Our experienced chef takes 30-minutes to cut the meat from the bone.
  4. We recommend serving the lamb straight from the machine to keep it nice and warm. Serving takes around 30-minutes for up to 50 people.
  5. We serve our lamb with mint sauce and customers can choose to serve themselves salad and rolls. If customers wish us to marinate the lamb prior to serving this is possible.
  6. We clean and clear away, leaving you to enjoy your event.
  7. Please call us if you have any questions regarding lamb roasts from Big Roast.


We arrive four hours
before serving your roast

It takes our chefs thirty
minutes to serve fifty

We clean up everything
after the event and leave
zero mess











As well the main hog roasts and lamb roasts that most of our customers know us for, we also
offer customers a variety of optional extras to complement your choice of meat.

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