A basic hog roast for a typical customer

Big Roast receive many enquiries from customers wanting a basic hog roast and we thought that a summary of what a typical hog roast event entails and how it works would be useful.

Basic Hot RoastA typical hog roast event is for between 50 and 100 people – although it is possible for cater for smaller events and also significantly larger events. For this size event a single hog such as in the picture to the right is more than adequate.

So from the initial hog roast enquiry we send out a list of questions to customers to help us understand what they are wanting to achieve in a little more detail. Questions will include the number of vegetarians, whether salads/cutlery/plates etc are required and timing for serving the food. If we have a free booking on that day then we will ask customers to make a initial deposit of 25%. For a basic hog roast without salads or any extras this will be 25% of £595 – this deposit secures your booking.

From this point we will decide with you whether you want to include a vegetarian option (quiche and barbequed skewers are popular options but we can look into other variations where required) – it is important to understand that we prepare the vegetarian options in advance and therefore it will be hard for us to change numbers close to the event. Further options such as cutlery/types of rolls/sauces will also be agreed in advance.

Final confirmation emails will lay out what we are providing on the day and in the last few days we would appreciate if the final balance is paid – if you wait until the day then we will need to take cash at the event prior to cooking.

On the day our chef will arrive in a van hours before the food is due to be served and will start the cooking of the hog. While the spit roast is working its magic the chef will prepare the serving tables and lay out the salads. When the hog is ready the chef will start bringing people into line to collect their food and add any extras to their plates. There is normally enough meat for a certain amount of second servings – and after the feast has finished our chef will clear up and leave you to your evening. We are happy to provide Wish lanterns – another company of ours – for customers who want to have a magical end to their evening.

We do cater to specific needs that clients have and emphasise that although this is a typical hog roast – there are very few typical events for us as we find that all customers have specific needs. Please either email contact@bigroast.com or call us on 0845 500 5450.

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