Lamb Roast at the Thomas’s

lamb-roast-big-roastLAMB ROAST EVENT IN BRIXTON

Over the weekend we had a great time doing a lamb roast for a party of forty for a family in South London. As you can see from the photos the 22 kilo lamb was a fair centre piece of the the party, and in fact the hosts had a fair amount of meat that we left them with after the event.

As you can see our machine is easily transported through most houses – and set up in a corner of a back garden. The only issue with this is that the machine needs to be cleaned in the back garden before being taken back through the house – whereas if you have a side gate we can take away the spit roast and clean it off site.

At this event the guests choose to make up their own salads – so leaving us with meat, bread rolls and cooking duties. The mint sauce was liberally distributed and we left with the party in full swing.

As with all our events the guests finished off their evening with our complimentary pack of three wish lanterns from Wish Lantern.

Big Roast
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