Hog Roast in the Sky with Work Group Plc

Picture 043Hog Roasts on the roof of Work Group’s headquarters may not be flying pigs but it certainly was a spectacular site watching our chef Steve wrestle the wind to create another delicious hog roast event.

Forty three hog roast eaters were on hand to savour the flavour of a hog roast banquet for Work Group’s summer event. Steve, Big Roasts master hog roast cook and creator of our patented hog roast apple sauce, said the wind was a real issue as he prepared, cooked and carved this hog roast on the fifth floor. “The wind caused a real challenge,” Big Roasts’ hog roast master chef claimed, “but I think the event went really well and everyone enjoyed the hog roast.”

As you can see from the pictures Steve was able to keep his cool and manged to cook the whole hog roast with his sun glasses constantly on. The photo’s also show how beautiful the weather was for this roof top hog roast extravaganza. The people at Work Group made the hog roast an absolute delight to cater for. Big Roast likes to make people happy and the meat eaters of Work Group really seemed to enjoy the hog roast. The vegetarians were not disappointed either with Big Roast providing vegetable kebabs served with spicy tomato relish. A meal even the heartiest meat eater would consider becoming a veggie for.

Big Roast finished the hog roast event with a selection of its two favourite deserts, rich chocolate fudge cake and baked lemon cheesecake, a sweet end to a fabulous hog roast event. Again we got some great feedback and would like to thank Work Group for letting us provide the hog roast for their summer event. Hopefully we’ll see you at Christmas. “Everybody loved it! Would definitely use again.”

Big Roast is London’s leading hog roast and spit roast service. For more information either email contact@bigroast.com or call 0845 500 5450

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