Lamb Roast in London

P1010324Lamb roasts are perfect for smaller events as Big Roast, London’s leading hog roast, lamb roast and spit roast company, knows very well. Last weekend saw Big Roast cater an exclusive lamb roast event in North London that had everyone smiling. As you can see from our photos adults and children seemed to really enjoy the lamb roast, specially cooked and beautifully carved, by our head chef and his apprentice.

Big Roast can cook up a hog roast for hundreds or a lamb roast  for tens and this lamb roast event was for just 18 people. Variety was the key to this lamb roast event with  Big Roast providing expertly marinated chicken drumsticks, a spicy potato salad and a delicious pesto, parmesan and pine nut pasta salad to complement the lamb roast. Add to this a fresh mixed leaf salad with Balsamic, olive oil & lemon juice dressing and for desert rich chocolate fudge cake and a traditional apple streusel pie and you have a a truly spectacular banquet for the lucky guests of this lamb roast event.

Big Roast really enjoyed this lamb roast event and was particularly special for our new apprentice chef Tim. This was his first lamb roast event since completing his training and our head chef said he worked particularly hard. As you can see from Big Roast’s photos Tim got to grips with the lamb roast, under our chef’s supoervision, and served up a great lamb roast to the delight of all. Big Roast hope that the guests at this lamb roast event enjoyed the lamb roast as much as Big Roast. Thank you for using Big Roast it was a real pleasure!

Big Roast is London’s leading lamb roast, hog roast and spit roast service. For more information either email or call 0845 500 5450

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