Spit Roast Big Lunch at the Cambria

P1010360Spit roasts don’t come much bigger than this event at The Cambria’s Big Lunch event in Camberwell, South London. Big Roast, London’s leading spit roast, lamb roast and hog roast specialist, was on hand to provide a spectacular hog roast and delicious spit roast for this massive spit roast event. Not only was this spit roast event massive in size it was massive in success with The Cambria’s event planner, Steve Risely, organising an absolutely brilliant street party complete with an extremely talented band, action packed activities and delightful food including Big Roast’s trademark spit roast and hog roast.

Big Roast has to salute The Cambria for organising such an impressive event. Big Roast has posted some pictures of this spit roast specticle but they can’t really convey this Big Lunch, hog roast and spit roast, event in full swing. Our chefs really enjoyed the music and we’re positive Big Roast weren’t the only ones. Over 200 revellers attended The Cambria Big Lunch and everyone’s smiling face has to be a testiment to how good this street party was. Big Roast’s spit roast was a little part and Big Roast’s hog roast was bigger piggy part of The Big Lunch success and Big Roast are really happy that we were invited to take part.

Big Roast would like to thank The Cambria, and especially Steve, for letting us provide the spit roast and hog roast at his street party. We really enjoyed takling part and really appriciate the excellent feedback. We feel privaledged to have been part of the Big Lunch and look forward to working with you again. Thanks again from the Big Roast.

“Fantastic. Great team and great advice.”

Big Roast is London’s leading hog roast and spit roast service. For more information either email contact@bigroast.com or call 0845 500 5450

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