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big-roast-emblem-largeHog Roast enquiries contain a lot of questions, from the straight forward: “Are you available on this date?” to the obscure “Can you spit roast a goat?” Big Roast is always on hand to an answer your hog roast questions either by phone or through the contact us section of our website.

To improve our service further Big Roast likes to publish some frequently asked questions and helpful answers. Posted below are some of the most recent.

How many people can a hog roast feed?

A whole hog roast can feed up to 120 people. Ideally, for a full sized pig roast, you would want at least 50 guests at your event. For parties smaller than 50 people Big Roast would recommend a lamb roast. A whole lamb roast will feed up to 45 people and is a more appropriate amount of food.

How big is a whole hog?

Approximately 50 kilogrammes. Big Roast will tend to use hogs between 45kg and 55kg in size depending on the size of the event. Once a pig grows to above 60kg it is considered to be full sized and is professionally butchered for loins, shoulders and chops. Smaller pigs are known as suckling pigs. Counter intuitively these are actually more expensive per kilo than bigger pigs.

How long does a hog roast take to cook?

A hog will take approximately 5 hours to cook. It can also take an experienced chef up to an hour to carve a whole pig while an inexperienced carver may take over an hour and a half. It also takes time to fire up a hog roast machine, prepare the hog and serve. As a result a full Big Roast hog roast can take 7 hours from start to finish.

How is it best to eat?

Although tastes are very different Big Roast recommends that, with the best roasts, the slightly charred pork is carved straight off the pig into a soft white bap. Apple sauce should be added to the hot meat. Big Roast can provide salad options but are not necessary to enjoy a hearty hog. Big Roast’s website has a large number of excellent hog roast pictures but to fully appreciate a hog roast check out our You Tube video.

For other frequently asked questions that Big Roast receives follow the link – FAQ’s – or contact one of Big Roast’s enthusiastic staff.

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