Lamb Roast in Loughton, Essex

lamb-roast-big-roastGood feedback is always nice to hear but the excellent feedback Big Roast received for this lamb roast in Loughton Essex was as great to savour as the delicious lamb rolls that were served.

Big Roast likes to write a few words about our favourite events and this midweek lamb roast is no exception. The atmosphere was superb and the event organisers were absolutely wonderful, accommodating Big Roast as we catered for 45 guests. Sometimes we like to show a few pictures of the event surroundings and take a few pictures of those invited but for this blog we’d like to focus on what was so well received… the food.

The lamb pictures Big Roast is posting my not be as cute as ones running around Epping Forest but the comments on how grebig-roast-lamb-roastat they tasted, how excellent the smelt and, to the professional, how good they looked was enough for us. We wanted to post these pictures straight away and Big Roast hopes you enjoy reading our brief blog articles as much as we enjoy creating the content.

We think the lamb roasts at this event was one of the best we’ve ever cooked. Coming from online organic butcher English Meat, this whole lamb took about two hours to cook to perfection. Weighing approximately 20kg there was plenty for everyone. Served with a mint sauce tailored for the perfect lamb roll you will not find a better lamb roast than Big Roast’s.

We’d like to again thank our excellent hosts for using Big Roast on Wednesday and really appreciate your kind comments: “Excellent all round. We would certainly use you again.”

Big Roast is London’s leading lamb roast and spit roast service. For more information either email or call 0845 500 5450

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