Hog Roast in Wimbledon for Streetcar

14082009113Hog roasts are considered by most to be for family events – weddings, birthdays and anniversaries – but Streetcar, the self service pay as you go car hire company, know that Big Roast can cater for corporate events as well. Our hog roast was part of a team building event that we think really helped morale and can’t wait to hear if Streetcar continue with the same enthusiasm as they mustered for our pig roast.

As well as Big Roasts exceptionally good spit roast the employees of Streetcar had a bucking bronco, performers and activities to keep them entertained. Split into three teams, the reds, the blues and the greens, the event was more than a summer party – although there seemed to be plenty of people enjoying themselves. The pictures below show the different team building tasks that were involved including a challenging assault course.

Organising a corporate event is a challenge in itself and Big Roast thinks that this was a real success. Big Roast has provided hog roasts for corporate events on a number of occasions and this was one of the best. Well organised and efficiently run, at no point were any of the staff or service providers unaware of their role. Streetcar staff were consistently taking part in productive, fun activities and all the services brought in for the event, from jugglers to Big Roast chefs, were prepared and ready thanks to expert organisation.

Big Roast would like to thank Streetcar for allowing us to provide the roast for this corporate event. Spit roasts are perfect for employee summer parties, providing a welcome spectacle capable of feeding the whole office. We’d like to extend a special thank you to Kelly for providing Big Roast with all the necessary support for us to provide a pig roast for you. Your positive comments were well appreciated. “Brilliant!”

Big Roast is London’s leading pig roast and spit roast service. For more information on Big Roast coporate events either email contact@bigroast.com or call 0845 500 5450

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