How to hold a hog roast London style!

hog roast london style again

At the end of last month we celebrated the birthdays of our very own Big Roast babies, little Louis and Zoe, and so what were we to do but hold a party. When it comes to learning how to do it properly, we thought, no better way than start them young- and so we embarked on teaching them how to hold a hog roast London style! We sent out invitations nice and early, and went about selecting the salads that would be served with our meat, making sure that the varied tastes of our guests would be catered for, and set about planning the entertainment. A balloon sculptor was found, with promises of monkeys, racing cars and giant cartoon characters (and this was just for the adults).

hog roast london style

Cakes were baked, pineapples cored for the baby pina coladas, and decorations were streamed around the house. As the day of the party approached, the sun shined and spirits were high; it also seemed that a few of our friends were getting similar party-throwing ideas, as the ‘how to hold a hog roast London style’ tips spread like wild fire. The food went down a treat- we’re already looking forward to next year’s celebration!

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