Hog roast feeds the masses during the recession

hog roast partyWho would’ve thought that during our time of skimping and saving that the humble piggy would be helping to see us through? Research conducted by The Independent shows that throughout this year, the hog roast has made a comeback, as companies can feed hundreds of people for a fraction of the price of a sit down meal. The social factor is also a big turn-on, with colleagues able to mingle easily, and have time to bond with each other in a time when morale in companies may be particularly low – a great social opportunity for those who work so hard for a company to be rewarded and feel appreciated. Big Roast can cater for large or small parties, at business or residential addresses, and are always delighted to be involved in local events. Healthy options are always available and the desserts always go down a storm, and are the perfect treat for a year’s hard slog.

It is also celebrities who seem to have cottoned on to this practical and hassle-free way of entertaining- Zoe Ball and Kate Moss have both favoured Medieval style bashes over formal dinners- a sure sign of a good idea!!

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