Christmas Roasts

With Christmas just around the corner there’s never been a better time to start thinking about the big Christmas dinner. Are you going to have a traditional lamb roast london style? With succulent moist roast lamb, mint sauces, peas, potato and gravy? Or perhaps you will opt for a more modern style of Christmas dinner with fresh salads and seafood? In any case, there’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to the Christmas Dinner, your friends and family will just be overjoyed you’ve cooked something which means they won’t have to so everyone’s a winner!

Lamb fod LAMB ts 081.jpgIt’s always a disaster when Aunty Betty wants to make the deserts and the starters especially when Uncle Bob thinks he’s making the deserts instead of the main course so on the day there’s no main course but a thousand deserts and everyone ends up eating apple pie and custard all day. This year why not tell everyone that you will run the show in terms of food and surprise everyone with a traditional lamb roast.

You can make it yourself and spend hours slaving away over the stove to show off your excellent cooking abilities or you can cheat and have London’s premier hog and lamb roast company, Big Roast, take care of it for you. There is often a lot of meat left over from a lamb roast so a great idea is to have the Big Roast team come out and cook the roast for you, then you can use the left over meat for a Boxing Day party as well and kill two birds with one stone so to speak!

The team can come out and cook the roast for you on Christmas Eve  and you can reheat it the next day for everyone. They will all be so surprised with the feast you present!

Big Roast is London’s leading hog roast and lamb roast service. For more information either email or call 0845 500 5450.

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