Have a Spit Roast at your Next Function

rotisserie_chicken-15132910_stdDo you have a special event or occasion around the corner that you’d like to have catered? Perhaps it’s a wedding or a small celebration with your family. Whatever the reason, there’s always room for a spit roast to feed your guests with!

Why pay hundreds and thousands of pounds for a massive catering team to come to your venue or home only to serve you tiny peices of items they call food? For a fraction of the cost for a catering team, a spit roast london style will provide stacks of delicious meat for your guests and with no worry to you. If you choose a well established and experienced spit roast company to cater your event, you will be pleasantly surprised with the service and amount of food you will get for the small price tag attached.

Big Roast is London’s premier spit roast company, they have been catering events and parties since 2006 and have the best selection of British grown meat around. You can choose to have pork, chicken, lamb, turkey and even goose to be cooked rotisserie style for your guests. Additionally, a spit roast takes half the time a hog roast does to prepare, cook and serve so the team at Big Roast can be in and out of your event quickly and easily providing you with a hassle free service.

Big Roast is London’s leading hog roast and spit roast service. For more information either email contact@bigroast.com or call 0845 500 5450

Big Roast
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