It’s time to start eating well

In this day and age it’s all too easy to get swept up in the processed, pre-packaged, microvavable meals and food as they are so accessible and cheap. They suit our busy lifestyles and are the easiest thing to cook, after all you simply throw it in the microvave. Enduring the commute home from work each day in horrific London traffic is bad enough, by the time we get home, the last thing we want to do is cook.

Enter Marks & Spencer pre-cooked ready meals, they are a god send! Pick a few of those up and you’re right for the week. The only thing is, how healthy are they really? Are you really doing the right thing by your body by purchasing these meals instead of making your own? We’re not talking about making an elaborate lamb roast every night, but you should start to think about the nutrion your body needs and whether or not the microvave meals are making the cut.

Having a small peice of meat (lamb, beef, chicken, fish) along with steamed vegetables will provide you with a very healthy and nutritious mean, as long as you don’t coat the meat in crumbs or batter or pour melted butter all over the veggies.

It’s a high protein, low fat meal you know is going to do your body the world of good. Red meat can build and maintain muscle, help you gain strength and vitality and will power you through a busy day as it contains iron, calcium, enzymes, Vitamin B12 and amino acids. So do the right thing by your body and eat more meat!

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