Finding the meal to suit everyone

Are you hosting a dinner party and don’t know what to cook? Instead of watching Come Dine With Me and flicking through countless recipe books, why not take a leaf out of’s cook book and delight your dinner guests with a main course of spit roast?

A spit roast will be an exciting way to entertain your guests as well as feed them. You can roast all sorts of meats, so find out which meat is the most popular amongst your guests, we’ve found a spit roast chicken to go down quite well, and cook that particular meat.

If you have vegetarians attending, no worries, simply roast a variety of vegetables such as peppers and aubergines and serve with delicious salad options and fresh bread.

You can hire a company to prepare, cook and serve the spit roast for you if you would rather spend your time entertaining your guests with your witty humour and sophisticated wine selection, but if you would prefer to get your hands dirty and make this a labour of love so to speak, you can always hire a spit roast machine and cook it yourself.

Prices for hire of a spit roast machine vary depending on whether you hire the machine and return it clean or unclean and of course whether you want the machine and the meat or just the machine. If you would like more information on spit roast machine hire from please click here.

Big Roast is London’s leading hog roast and lamb roast service. For more information either email or call 0845 500 5450.

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