Tips for home made roasts

A homecooked Sunday Roast

Here at we like to share our knowledge on roasts. We may be the leading professionals in hog and spit roasts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love to cook delicious and relaxed roasts at home on a Sunday for our families and we know you do too so here are a few tips to get your Sunday roasts in tip top shape.

You can have a variety of roasts, there’s the ever popular lamb roast, but there’s also beef, chicken and pork, all of which can be just as mouth watering as the lamb roast.

If you go with the chicken roast, it’s a great choice as if you have any leftovers you can use them in risottos or make a chicken salad. A tip for chicken roasts is to  push a flavoured herb or spice butter under the skin of the chicken before cooking  as this helps the flavours to penetrate the meat and keeps the breast moist during cooking.

Pork roasts provide the yummy crackling and or a more unusual flavour combination, try rubbing the skin with freshly grated ginger.

Roast beef is one of the more simple dishes and for it to taste its best, it’s usually a good idea to keep the roast simple and use lots of gravy and roast vegetables. If you want to add some extra flavour to the gravy add pieces of onion or shallot to the roasting tin.

A tip for all roasts is to leave them to rest for a while before carving. As the meat relaxes, the juices pull back into the meat making it easier to carve and more tender and moist. Most joints need between 15-20 minutes resting time – leave in a warm place so it doesn’t go cold, but avoid covering if possible, especially poultry, as the steam that forms inside the foil will turn crisp skin soggy.

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