Big Roast Wandsworth and the Big Lunch

At Big Roast, we’re all about bringing people together with community spirit, and providing delicious munch for social and celebratory events of all shapes and sizes. Since the company was born, we’ve catered for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, student fundraisers, and office parties, which is why we particularly like the idea of The Big Lunch, a nationwide event held by the people of Britain, in aid of neighbourly love and coming together. On July 18th of this year, hundreds of street parties will be taking place across the country as the Big Lunch, in association with the Eden Project, leaves no excuse not to join in and get to know the people who live nearby. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant or costly event, just something people can join in with. If, for your own Big Lunch, you’re looking for a hassle-free way to feed lots of hungry mouths, why not get us on board; it’s not only Big Roast Wandsworth that we can help with; we can come to any London borough, and even further afield with our friendly team and delicious food. It’s so easy- just choose your menu (meat, salads and desserts), and we’ll do the rest.
So this summer, join in the community spirit, rouse your neighbours, and gather together on the 18th; we’d be delighted to be invited to help out, too.

Big Roast
Unit C, 2 Endeavour Way LondonLOSW19 8UH UK 
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