Big Roast London and the Hog-Roast-Cake Monster

We love a good story here at Big Roast London, and so we’d like to share one of our favourites with you.
Once upon a time, there was a monster, who just loved a good Big Roast. He dreamt about lovely joints of lamb and pork, even beef- it made no difference to him what the meat was…he just loved the thought it cooking in his garden, with all his friends gathered around him to enjoy the event.
One day, the Hog Roast monster fell in love….she was the most beautiful monster he’d ever set his eyes on- he knew she was the one. There was only one apparent problem- the lady monster didn’t seem too keen on hog roasts. She was more of a cake girl, herself. The two monsters, now deliriously in love, spend hours puzzling over the catering for their wedding, when they came across the Big Roast London website; easy to navigate and wonderfully clear, they had at last found a company to provide not only the meat and sweet treats for their guests, but also salads for those who so desired them.
Relieved of all catering worries, the two monsters had a wonderful day, and lived happily ever after.
If you’re looking to hold a hog roast, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through our menu.

Big Roast
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