Hog Roast Islington is 1 year old!

You may already know that this summer is pretty special for us at Big Roast. Not only it is our second peak season that we’re delivering delicious dishes to our customers around the country, helping their parties and gatherings run smoothly with their guests well fed, but it’s our very first birthday. Yes, that’s right ladies and gents, we are one year old, and to celebrate, what else is there to do but hold a hog roast Islington style?! We’ll be breaking out the banners and flags, possibly some streamers and balloons too, and inviting all of our chums around for a good old knees up. We’ll be indulging in our favourite salads (the green leaf and the tricolour pasta salad are the most popular in the office at the moment), packing juicy slices of hog into our tasty buns and topping them off with apple sauce. Our garden at big roast HQ provides the perfect setting for a summery themed party, where we can watch the sun set and play music well into the night.
If you or a loved one is celebrating a significant birthday, don’t delay- pick up the phone or drop us an email and we’ll talk you through the ways in which we can make your big day that much easier to organise. Big roast takes the stress out of hosting; let us show you how!

Big Roast
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