Meet the Hog Roast Harrow Team

Big Roast is nearly a year old, and we’ve spent that time travelling around the UK, making sure the parties and events that our clients are holding go off without a hitch. The trouble is, we’ve realised that you, faithful blog reader, may not know all that much about us. But help is at hand. Ladies and Gents, we introduce to you….the Hog Roast Harrow team.

Rob (Co-owner)
Fave meat: Lamb roast
Favourite salad: Red pepper pasta salad, although, quite frankly, he’d rather dig into the desserts.
A little about him: When Steve came to Rob with the idea of Big Roast, Rob was delighted. He even hired Steve to cater for his own daughter’s ‘Welcome to the World’ party.

Steve (Co-owner/chef)
Fave meat: The classic hog, with some tasty apple sauce.
Favourite salad: Tricolour pasta salad
A little about him: Brought up in South Africa, Steve has been cooking on the braai (a South African barbeque) since he can remember. We’re extremely glad to have him and his know-how over here!

Roman (the one on the end of the phone)
Fave meat: Being a vegetarian, Roman prefers our veggie options, of which there are plenty.
Favourite salad: Four bean salad with mustard dressing
A little about him: Roman loves a good knees-up, and is very generous with his catering for his party guests. He knows everything there is to know about how to help your party run smoothly, so ask away and he’ll sort you out.

Dan (the one who supplies the meat)
Fave meat: Sausages, of any shape or size.
Favourite salad: Potato salad
A little about him: Last summer, Dan was involved in catering for a number of local events; he and his barbeque really made a name for themselves around Wimbledon. Let’s hope this year sees the same thing happening!

Big Roast
Unit C, 2 Endeavour Way LondonLOSW19 8UH UK 
 • 0845 500 5450

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