Delicious summer salads from Big Roast Southwark

Just when you thought that the Big Roast Southwark menu couldn’t get any better- it did. Just when you thought our selection of salads couldn’t suit a wider range of palates- we’d added even more yummy combinations to our menu.
That’s right ladies and gents, we can now announce that whether you’re keen on Asian or America food, if you like a good old British potato salad or maybe an Italian Tricolour, we can help you out.
Of course, with our new menu, what was there to do but hold an extremely important and official taste-tasting in the extremely important and official setting of our own office. The salads, made off-site in the homely kitchens of our chefs (adding that extra flavour of love into each one, we’re sure you’ll agree), were wheeled in, forks were passed around, and the important eating began. Our Tom said of the experience, “I really never knew how much flavour could actually be in a salad…I always thought of them as being relatively dull and an unexciting, but healthy, accompaniment to the better (meaty) part of the meal. I have completely changed my mind now, and I hope our customers agree. For the first time in the history of cooking, the sides will be as good as the hog!”
If you’d like any more info on our humungous range of salads, or need a little hand choosing which ones you’ll have at your event, please do get in touch and one of our team will be happy to advise you.
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One thought on “Delicious summer salads from Big Roast Southwark

  1. Donna MacFarlaine says:

    I want to host a hog roast engagement party on 3rd August. Please will you contact me on 01406 330184 (Whaplode Drove Spalding) to discuss (40 to 50 people) Availabiltiy etc.
    a suckling pig, roast potatoes, salads
    Cutlery, crockery, desert bowles and glases for drinks to be hired.
    Also looking for tables and chairs perhaps around 5 to seat 20 people.
    Do you know anyone who can deliver a loo hire facility for 40 people.

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