How much Meat Can you Handle?

There’s reason that we’re jolly good at roasting hogs and lamb, making salads and serving delicious sauces to go with it all, and that’s simply because we love meat, and care deeply about its taste, quality and the experience of savouring every last juicy mouthful. Having said this, the Hog Roast Camden ethos is all about enjoying in moderation; surely one can have too much of a good thing? Not everyone agrees with us though, least of all our chums at Spur Steak and Grill, who set their customers the challenge of eating an entire 64oz steak (that’s a lot of meat, people), and if they complete said challenge, they are relinquished of the burden of paying for the privilege of potentially feeling quite unwell for some time afterwards. We’re not sure we can recommend that you, dearest blog reader, should undertake such a difficult feat, but we know that some of you out there are immensely competitive, and thus won’t listen to what we say anyhow. What we CAN recommend is getting on the phone to us here at Big Roast, and we can talk you through how we can cater for large parties, making sure everyone has enough meat and everything else, without making anyone ill from the e

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