Facebook brings Hog Roast London closer to You

There’s nothing quite like settling down in front of your Facebook page after a hard day in the office (updating your status every few hours and looking at who’s been spotted/tagged at which social events), and checking out for the millionth time what everyone’s been up to. Maybe you’ll also feed the bunnies in your animal farm, or play some mafia games with your chums, or perhaps get your friends to answer questions about how charming and attractive you are, all to make your profile look more appealing. Maybe today you should try something different; become an associate/fan of the Big Roast Facebook page, and keep updated with all the hog roast London events happening all over the place, as well as the latest news on our salads, desserts, and what Roman has had for breakfast. We understand that, although substantial and fascinating in the extreme, sometimes our blog just isn’t enough for real hog roast London fans, so we present this irresistible opportunity to become a part of our family. What more could you possibly want? Just have a little search for us in the box at the top of your home page, and your friends will soon be incredibly envious of your cool connections. No need to thank us, it’s what we’re here for.

Big Roast
Unit C, 2 Endeavour Way LondonLOSW19 8UH UK 
 • 0845 500 5450

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