What to do with the leftover Hog

Over the past year, as we’ve been catering for hundreds of hog roast Tower Hamlets (and all the other London boroughs), we’ve come to realise that sometimes people just can’t eat as much of our delicious hogs as they’d like. Rest assured, this has nothing to do with the quality of our pigs/lamb, just that they may have nibbled a few canapés before they came out. This does of course leave our host with some left overs, and this week’s blog is a celebration of all the things that can be done with cold pork:
– Take it on a picnic, in sandwiches with some apple sauce. A tasty and filling summer snack, and definitely one to whet every appetite.
– Put it in a salad with some fennel and green leaves, plus a sprinkling of chives and rosemary, along with your fave dressing. Light and delicious.
– Mix it up into bubble and squeak, with potatoes, cabbage and whatever other veggies you can find in the fridge. So easy, and so satisfying.
If you’re puzzling over what to do with your hog roast left overs, or indeed would like Big Roast to rock over to you, wherever you are, please do get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to help.
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