Games for your Hog Roast Twickenham Party: part 1

Imagine this: you’ve gathered all your nearest and dearest around you, after months of planning for an ace party, and they’ve all arrived for your first hog roast Twickenham style (this means ‘extremely cool’ style). All the leg-work has been put in and there are even some lovely decorations to liven the place up. There only seems to be one problem: your guests are being a little shy and not really interacting with each other as much as you’d like. In this new two-part blog, we bring you some of the best ways in which to break the ice between people at any occasion, beginning with some good old-fashioned kiddies’ games:
Musical chairs: Best played in venues with a bit of room, but people will soon be laughing and joking with each other about the competitive spirit that’s building
Dressing up relay race: A great one for encouraging team spirit between strangers, and forming bonds that will last longer than a few hours.
Apple bobbing: As long as you provide a dry t-shirt and a towel, we reckon everyone will get stuck right into this one. There’s nothing quite like looking silly to help you make good friends.
If you have any other suggestions for party games, or would like more information on holding a hog roast Twickenham event, please do get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to answer your questions.
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