Hog Roast at Thames Festival

dance and enjoy a hog roast at the Thames festivalThere’s something magical about autumn in the Capital- crunchy leaves and crisp, clear air, particularly when the sun comes out for a while and warms us up a little. Aside from the (variable) beautiful weather, autumn in London also sees the arrival of the Thames Festival, a weekend-long treat, where punters have the opportunity to see live music, browse beautiful hand-made crafts and gifts, not forgetting having the chance to sample delicious cuisine from around the world. Having popped ourselves along to the South Bank last weekend, we sunk our teeth into Pad Thai noodles from Thailand, tropical fruit juice from Brazil, and, of course, a delightful hog roast from, er, Italy. Being big fans of roasted meat such as this, we really were trying to be rather critical of the succulent offerings, however we found very little to complain about, likening, in fact, the quality of the servings to our very own hog roast. A great compliment indeed, we feel.
If you’re one of the cool dudes that wandered through the festival last weekend, and sunk your teeth into the tasty treats, please do let us know what you thought/what other adventures you found yourself involved in. Or, if you’re organising your very own festival or event, why not get one of the best companies around to come and feed your friends and family. We think our testimonials speak for themselves. We look forward to hearing from you!
Big Roast
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