The Apprentices Sell Sausages

Sir Alan would love our hog roast sausagesIf there’s one thing that the Big Roast and Barbeque King team know all about, it’s definitely our sausages. We know that providing a good sausage is of utmost importance, particularly when you’re cooking them for a party of people- or indeed the general public at events that we’ve been asked to participate in- and that great quality is non-negotiable. We were incredibly amused/upset/befuddled/pleased (all at once) whilst watching a recent episode of The Apprentice, during which the task for the contestants was to manufacture and then successfully sell their unique range of sausages to the public. Of course, the usual drama, disagreements and hissy fits ensued, as one team decided to opt for more expensive quality produce, whilst the other skimped on the meat, opting instead for greater quantities. We know which we’d rather sink our teeth in to.
If you’d like to share your thoughts about The Apprentice, or indeed any other television show that you enjoy watching, please do get in touch and have a lovely chat with one of our team, at any time (apart from 9m on a Wednesday). They can also talk you through our hog roast and barbeque service for your party- we promise we won’t bring along any of Lord Sugar’s wannabe employees.
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