Big Roast and the Pizza Express Challenge

how about a lamb roast pizzaThere’s nothing the Big Roast team like better than a good old load of nice food- which is why we’ve been getting very excited about the Pizza Express Create a Pizza challenge that has been taking place over the past couple of months. The competition has given anyone and everyone from all over the UK the chance to design a lovely pizza topping that they would ideally like to see included on the restaurant menu, with the top prize being just that- having their special pizza included on the main restaurant menu. You’ll be delighted to know that the Big Roast team submitted their proposal for a lamb roast themed pizza, complete with BBQ sauce, ketchup and bits of bread roll, in order satisfy the taste of every lamb roast lover. Unfortunately, we haven’t been picked to be in the final…Even so, you can still chow down on our delicious food at any party or event that you may be holding, without a doughy base in sight.
If you’d like to share all your pizza topping fantasies with us, or would just like to know how we can sort out a lamb roast for you, please go give us a call or drop us an email.
Big Roast
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