Hog Roast Returns to Louisiana School

The Panthers love a good hog roastFor one Louisiana school, a traditional hog roast was always a great way to celebrate a football win, particularly as it was chance to taunt their opponents…that is, until the hog roast feast was banned two years ago. On 15th October, Bunkie High School Panther Club will once again rolled  up their sleeves and tucked into a delicious meal of succulent meat as they nourished themselves after working hard on the field. Now that suitable fire safety precautions have been put in place, such as a fire extinguisher on hand at all times (something which was not available in previous years), the powers-that-be gave their blessing for the party to go ahead once again, and hopefully continue for the years to come. The hog roast began as a gesture from Bunkie High School to their long-standing rivals Marksville High; the two teams played each other in the season finals for many years running. Not only this, but a few jokes were had along with the delicious meal, such as the Bunkie team making signs offering hungry spectators ‘Tiger Meat’. The tiger is Marksville’s mascot. We’re sure it was hilarious at the time.
If you’d like to relive a long-buried tradition, at home or maybe a local sports club, give Big Roast a bell, and one of our team will be hand to answer your questions. You’ll have to make your own novelty signs, we’re afraid.
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