Fascinating Pork Facts: Part 1

hog roast London are pork expertsThere’s always one key ingredient when cooking up a storm at a delicious hog roast London event, and that is the hog itself (unless you’re doing a lamb roast, or indeed a vegetarian alternative, in which case it isn’t really a hog roast anyway….). In celebration of the humble meat that fills our tummies with a delicious treat, we thought we’d get right on to sharing with you some top pork facts, in the first of our new two-part blog series. With this, you will be able to impress all your friends/relatives/strangers you meet on the bus. Enjoy, darling readers.
– The pig, being one of the earliest animals to be domesticated (around 5000 BC), was used, in the olden days, for many things as well as for meat. Its hide was crafted into shoes, its bones for tools, and its hair for brush bristles.
– Pork was traditionally eaten in the autumn, as the pigs themselves then has time to grow during the spring, and fatten during the summer. Of course, we can cater for your hog roast London event all year round.
– Although generally considered to be a white meat, pork is grouped with red meat in nutritional studies. With the fat trimmed, the meat is leaner than most other domesticated animals.
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