Fascinating Pork Facts: Part 2

learn about which bit is which with hog roast LondonFollowing the astounding rise in people knowing lots of interesting things about pork- the key ingredient of any great hog roast London event- since last week’s blog instalment was published, we’ve got right on to getting writing the second part. And here it is, to hopefully make your mouths water.
– When divided up and ready to cook, the humble piggy gives us lots of different cuts of meat, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. You may have sampled ribs, loin, or belly- but one of the Brazilian national dishes, Feijoada, is prepared with the feet, ears and tail. Delicious.
– Pork is a forbidden meat is both Islam and Judaism, both for different reasons. In Judaism, followers are only permitted to ingest the meat of an animal that has both cloven hooves, and ‘brings up its cud’.
– If not cooked immediately, pork can be cured instead, which is how various specialty hams and sausages are produced. Originally created to keep meat suitable for consumption without the aid of refrigeration, the salt used in the process now creates the flavours that so many people enjoy.
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