Ministers can Still Enjoy a Good Lamb Roast

As the general public are still licking their wounds post-budget announcements, it seems that those in charge of our money are still able to tuck into a delicious, filling lamb roast whilst they discuss the financial future of our country. The nick-named “quad-meeting”, so called because of the four major political players present at the event (Nick Clegg, David Cameron, George Osborne and Danny Alexander), was apparently more of a happy occasion than expected, as the attendees discussed what to do with a pile of cash that they’ve been left with to give to worthy causes, following a few good settlements and the meeting of various departmental spending budgets. This extra cash is apparently something that has come as a result of cautious budgets, in case savings did not add up to the expected amount, and having something left over is the bonus when it all goes right. So, a worthy occasion for a lovely lamb roast, then.
If you’ve got something to celebrate, whether it be being given money by the government (unlikely at the moment, we know), or something a little more jolly, then Big Roast is here to make any occasion special. And having us along to do the catering won’t break the bank.
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