Viking Hog Roast in Chippenham

the vikings loved a good hog roastPupils at a primary school in Chippenham, who this autumn term have been studying the Vikings, were treated on 9th November to a visit from Roger the Viking himself, who gave a talk on what life was really like for the Scandinavian warriors. Michala Ashley-Dando, one of the Governors of Langley Fitzurse Primary School, said that the kids were enthralled by Roger, and were taken to his ‘camp’ which had been set up in the school hall, as well as being treated to a hog roast on their local common. All the food didn’t come too easily though, as the pupils had to help bake the bread as well as scrub and prepare the vegetables for the meal. Apparently the Vikings themselves never got quite as far as Chippenham, although Alfred the Great’s sister was said to have been married in St Andrew’s Church, which can be found only a short distance from the town.
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