Hog Roast London Gives some Food for Thought

this noggin (the nog) also likes hog roast London eventsWe all know that keeping our brains active and exercised is very important; some might learn Japanese to keep things ticking over, or maybe just indulge in a couple of Sudoku a night. What is equally important, however, is the fuel we give our brains, and feeding them well makes them happy. So this week, darling reader, we’re having a look at what exactly happens when your noggin gets to experience a hog roast London style, and all the parts of the brain that make it extra tasty for us…
The Medulla Oblongata: This little fellow (as we affectionately like to refer to it) helps control autonomic body function, such as digestion. This means that we can simply sit back and enjoy our tasty hog roast/apple sauce without worrying a jot about what’s going on in our tummies.
The Cerebellum: If you’re wondering what controls posture, balance and coordination of movement, look no further that the Cerebellum. Without it, we’d have real trouble reaching for the ketchup, whilst at the same time keeping our salad on the plate. An important point, we’re sure you’ll agree.
The Hypothalamus: The hard-working Hypothalamus has a lot to do, including regulating our hunger and thirst. Jolly useful, if you’re going to be able to eat as much hog as possible without bursting…or maybe just enjoying in moderation.
If you’ve got some more brain knowledge or scientific facts about hog roast London parties, or indeed anything else, or have any questions about our service, please do get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.
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