Big up the Hog Roast Kent Entertainment

As we’re sure you’re more than aware by now, we love a good party here at Big Roast, particularly if there are loads of activities and fun things for guests to participate in and enjoy. If you’re holding a hog roast Kent event, or indeed around any other area, we’ve got some great ideas for you to make your party go off with a real bang. So read on, and find out what we can bring to your party (besides the delicious food, of course):
Balloon modelling: We can proudly say that we’ve found, and formed a loving partnership with, Andrew Smith, the greatest balloon modeller on the planet. A bold statement, you may say, but once you’ve seen what this man can sculpt (cartoon characters, any vehicle you can think of, even does caricatures of your guests), then you’ll hold the same opinion. He’s officially there for the kids, but adults will also find his talents irresistible.
Karaoke/music: We can bring along a great portable amp system, into which any iPod or MP3 player can be plugged, thus belting out your favourite tunes. The karaoke microphone is particularly entertaining once a few drinks have been served (we cannot be responsible for any terrible song renditions).
If you’d like any more information on how we can help your hog roast Kent really get off the ground and give you a night (or day) to remember, please get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
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