Big Roast has Added Original Legal Documents to its Web Site

If you are having an office party or just a big event where your friends are invited and you want to surprise them by organizing something original, yet you do not want to spend too much time preparing it yourself, you have come to the right place. What is better than a hog roast?

Wintertime, summertime – people love it any time of year. Not only will you indulge their palate with our succulent meat, but also you will have your party organized, catered and cleaned after by us. If you checked our website you have probably seen the many choices of meat we offer,

Big Roast has Added Original Legal Documents to its Web Site
Big Roast has Added Original Legal Documents to its Web Site

our salad bar choices, deserts, canapés, even vegetarian options for those of your guests who do not eat meat. There is another matter that should concern everyone who chooses a catering company to organise their event, especially one handling meat – the health and safety certificates this company has. Big roast has published these original legal documents to Net Law Man publications and its website for everyone to see. Our potential customers will have easy access to that information and can view our Food and Hygiene certificate, Employee Hygiene Certificate, Public Liability Certificate and risk Assessment Form before ordering any service from us.

Everybody has a right to ask for these documents and feel safe and relaxed whenever organising a party with outsourced food. Please your guests with our delicious hog roast and have a clear conscience that you offer them the best and safest food there is.

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