We Now Sell Hog roast Machines

The team of Big Roast has wonderful news for you – we now sell spit and hog roast machines! If you ever had the chance to try our delicious

Hog Roast Machines for Sale
Hog Roast Machines for Sale

meat, you may well know what a wonderful job the machines do. As we have informed you before, we also have these same machines for hire, but if you want to have that amazing device at home and have it serve you anytime you want to organize a party – we can now sell you these machines. They are designed in the UK, but manufactured in South Africa under the supervision of the roast guru Steve. One hog machine can easily handle a 60kg of hog. It is perfect for roasting pork, lamb and you can fit around 30 full sized chickens inside it too. The spit roast machine can handle a 55kg hog. The machines are made of stainless steel and their dimensions are 1400mm long, 750mm wide, 750mm deep, and a weight of 95kg. If you have any specific requirements do not hesitate to tell us, because we can customize any machine for you. The machines are gas fuelled and they have an electric motor. In case that there isn’t an available power outlet at the event, you can turn the machine by a manual handle. Big Roast will replace any damaged ceramic burners. The machines are extremely manoeuvrable for their weight.

Enjoy our amazing hog roast machine at your next party!

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