Barbeque with Big Roast

Summer is almost here and along with the Hog Roast, people are starting to crave a real barbeque. Big Roast offers that service. We feel that

Barbeque with Big Roast
Barbeque with Big Roast

sometimes, especially for smaller parties, mixed barbeque can be better than roasts only. This provides variety of food for the party and is perfect for a family get together or a family reunion. We have a gas powered barbeque machine. You can rent this form us for only ₤195. This is an inclusive price and what it covers is the expenses for the machine and renting a chef for the day that can operate the machine. All the rolls and sauces are also included in this price. If you would like to have different kinds of meat for the barbeque, we have that too. Our delicious burgers are ₤2.50 each. If you want to have cheese and sliced tomatoes on your burgers – the price is ₤3.00 each. Sausages we sell for ₤2.00 each. Chicken is often times a preferred meat for barbeques and we have succulent chicken skewers for ₤3.50. You can order those with either BBQ or Cajun sauce. Our team is going to take care of everything for your party and will have everything necessary for the BBQ operation. We can also bring tables and gazebos if you need those.

For more information on our BBQ service, visit our website and we will provide you all the information about spit, Hog Roast and barbeque.

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