Vegetarians Will Love Big Roast Too

You are having a party and you have decided to have delicious hog roast hire for your guests. But what about the ones who do not eat meat?

Big Roast for Vegaterians
Big Roast for Vegaterians

Yes, we serve salads with the roasts, but do you think your guests are going to be happy with just salads and bread? Look closely, because we have a long list of dishes for vegetarians. In fact, your non meat-eating friends are going to totally fall in love with our food. We have three different types of vegetarian dishes – tarts and quiches, stuffed vegetables and kebabs, tortillas and frittatas. Our 23 cm frittatas and tortillas have three different flavours – Spanish omelette, spinach, Parmesan and roast butternut squash and feta, and potato and grilled red pepper. The price is ₤34 per tortilla. We have stuffed tomatoes with risotto with onion, cinnamon and pine nuts, stuffed peppers with couscous, onions and mint sauce and delicious kebabs of peppers, onions, and mushrooms, marinated in garlic salsa. We also have 7 types of tarts and quiches. These are amazing and you should try them all if you have a chance. It will be really hard to choose from the cheese and onion quiche, beetroot, goat cheese hazelnut tart, fig and blue cheese tart, feta, rosemary and black olive tart, tomato basil tart, pea and Parmesan tart and the goat cheese and red onion tart.

Hog Roast Hire combined with all those delicious, succulent vegetarian dishes is going to make all your guests extremely happy.

Big Roast
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