African Hog Roast Options

If you want to be original and offer your guests something new and exciting – you can always go with spit or hog roast. But now we offer something more – a non-traditional North African Lamb Roast. This will give you a chance to really impress your guests, because it will introduce them to an African cuisine and at the same time it will be their beloved roast.

This roast is called “Mechoi” and is what North Africans call their meat. This is a lamb, roasted to perfection in our traditional spit roast machines. The secret of the delicious African taste is added later with the harissa. This is the authentic paste that is used to drizzle the roasted meat in North Africa. It is very hot and is made of garlic, chillies and North African spices.

We have adjusted the taste of the harissa paste, so it fits every taste – we have toned down the hotness a little. The harissa paste is not the only thing that gives you a taste of Africa. We have included three special African salads that will blow your mind as well. Fattoush is our first choice – this is a traditional Lebanese salad.

It is made of coriander, parsley, mint, tomatoes and cucumbers and is tossed with some toasted pita bread. Tabbouleh is made of tomatoes, onions, bulgur, mint and parsley. Our third choice is the orange-carrot salad – a very refreshing and original salad for the summer.

Surprise your guests with our North African hog roast this summer.

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