Scrumptious Summer Desserts

You have set your mind on a hog roast hire for your next party and you are impatiently expecting the event. Have you checked our dessert menu? It is time you do so, because what we have to offer will be the icing of the cake of your wonderful party. As you know, we are unsurpassed when it comes to roasting meat. Weather it is pork, chicken or lamb – we are the best. You are in safe hands and you know it. But what about the desserts, do not forget them, because after a meal like this, the guests will expect something sweet. And after they had the best roasted meat they have ever tasted, you have to offer them the best desserts. We have them. In fact, we have such an array of dessert it will be very difficult for you to choose the one you like. Because you will love them all. We have 7 different tarts and tartlets. We even have your childhood favourite Treacle Tart and you can try the delicious Banoffee Pie, a scrumptious mixture of bananas, chocolate and biscuits. Then, we have 6 different cakes and bakes. We have the wonderful brownie, an all time favourite, which no one can resist, the carrot cake and even a polenta gluten free cake. And at last we have 5 different fruity puddings. Who can resist the fruity cakes?

Hog roast hire turned out to be much more than you have expected, didn’t it?

Big Roast
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