Beans for a Healthier Lifestyle

Hog roast, lamb roast and BBQ of any kind calls for delicious summer salads. What better than beans and pulses salads to maintain a healthy stomach while enjoying our succulent meats? We have a variety of those salads and we are proud to present them to you. Our all time favourite is the Thai bean salad with pink grapefruit and grapes. This salad is unique, delicious and combines extraordinary tastes and flavours. Cannellini beans are paired with red grapes and pink grapefruit, creating an amazing burst of flavours. To add to that we put mint and rocket leaves, coriander, lime juice and toss it with a citrusy dressing. For those who love lentils we have the Lentil salad with goat cheese and walnuts. We combine the lentil while it’s still hot with walnut oil and wait for it to cool down. This way the lentil locks in the delicious flavours. We wait until it cools down and toss it with toasted walnuts, goat cheese and rocket leaves. We also have a tomato salad with shallots for those who love the taste of ripe tomatoes. The ultimate beans salad is the four bean salad with mustard dressing. This salad will bring a healthy breath into your daily routine. Beautiful, delicious lima, red kidney, cannellini and borloti beans combined with whole grains mustard is all you need for your roast party!

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