Corporate Hog Roast In EC1

Earlier this month we provided a hog roast for a joint corporate event for two companies who sit across a courtyard from each other. Big Roast provided 4 whole pigs cooked on 4 machines under two separate gazebos in the courtyard.

Our gazebos kept us, and the meat, dry as the weather turned wet and windy. As the guests headed inside we roasted on, and after carving and placing the cooked pork in our usual metal plates our chefs served the delicious meat, rolls and apple sauce on the tables that we bring to every event – as you can see from the last photo in this gallery.

We bring gazebos to cover our cooking and serving area to every event, as well as adequate table space and table cloths on which to serve your food. You can also see from the photos below the Big Roast chef’s uniform, and hygienic gloves are worn for cooking and carving.

See more details of full pig hog roasts like this on our hog roast prices page



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