End of Summer Family Reunion

If you are planning a family reunion this year don’t forget the hog roast! Family reunions are both fun and sometimes trying, especially if you are planning them yourself. Here are several things to consider when planning the next one: Activities, activities, activities: This doesn’t mean only for children, but for adults as well. Though catching up will be the main focus of the gathering, entertainment is always necessary. Whether it’s a simple dance-off or a fun trivia game about the family everyone will have a blast. As far as the kids are concerned, make sure that your have different age-group appropriate activities for them. Seating: Seating is pretty hard to organize, especially as people don’t usually confirm that they are coming until last minute. Obviously, this is your family and you probably already know who gets along with who, so make sure that you don’t cause any trouble by placing those two nutty aunts that have an old grudge next to each other. Food: This is probably the most important part of the family gathering, of course, after the family itself. Have plenty of variety as you will be dealing with the taste and diet of many people. Hire a catering company that will provide everything from the food to the seating and wait staff so you can focus on your family. Contact us today and get a quote on our hog roast or other packages we have available for a truly amazing experience!

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