How to Cook a Hog Roast

These pictures from one of recent events help to demonstrate the process of cooking a full pig hog roast. First we set up our hog roasting machine with gas supply for the burners that will cook your hog, and standard mains power supply that will power your motor to turn the hog on the spit. Our chef will bring the pig already attached to the spit and sealed in a plastic sheet in transit, and attach the spit to the machine. The hog is slowly cooked over a period of 5 – 7 hours, constantly turned by the rotating spit to ensure even cooking. To ensure the highest levels of safety and enjoyment of your meal our chefs use thermometers to check that the meat on the pig has reached the perfect temperature to indicate that it is cooked. Crackling is removed from the hog and served alongside the meat, the hog is carved and the meat falls to the bottom of the hog roasting machine. Here a traditional South African pork marinading sauce that is imported by our head chef and co-owner from his country of birth is added, bringing out the flavour of the meat. Our chef then either places the succulent pork in a silver try from which to serve, or directly into your bun!

Big Roast
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