Big Roast | End of Summer Party for our chefs

Big Roast enjoyed an end of summer party for our Hog Roast chefs. With so many South African’s we thought that a paintball session followed by an all-night Braai would be suited. We had a Q&A with the chefs on what they had learnt during the year and then for a little therapy, shot round after round of paint pellets at each other.Big Roast Paint Ball


The Big Roast team post paint-ball pre comparing battle wounds. A great day had by all.

We like to have an end of season party for the chefs every year. It’s a great way to unwind and really important for building good relationships with everyone involved. Big Roast have learnt a lot from various team-building exercises over the years. Although, the term “team-building” seems a little corporate to us, we think you understand what we mean 🙂

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