Hog Roast: How Big Roast Would Fit Into Your Day

How Big Roast Prepare.

Most people don’t realise what is involved in actually getting our succulent and delicous Hog Roast to the serving tables of our clients. The day would start for our small group of well-trained Hog Roast chefs many hours before the clients required serving time. They would arrive at our Wimbledon Kitchen giving themslves an hour to book out and check over their vans and two hours to drive to their event. Upon arrival at the kitchen he would first check the oil, water and tyres of his designated van. Only when this is done would he start to load.

Hog Roast Event

First, the roasting machines, machines differing depending on the Hog Roast option chosen. Next, the serving table and Gazebo followed by the Tool kit of knives, thermometers, serving trays and tongs. Only when all the equipment necessary for producing our famous Hog Roasts is loaded will the chefs start to think about the food.

They pack the freshly prepared salads into large cooling bags to keep them fresh during the journey and until serving time and Canapes are stacked in special £300 insulated travel chests.

Then the Hog Roast meat.

The Hog itself is packed in bespoke chilled plastic sleeves and sealed. These sleeves will keep the Hog chilled for up to 5 hours.

When the Head Chef is satisfied that everyone has everything needed on board, the chefs are allowed to leave with plenty of time to arrive at the event address at the time agreed.

Then they start to cook.

Big Roast
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