Big Roast: A very British Summer Hog Roast

hog roast big roastWe at Big Roast are asked one question above all others when clients book a Hog Roast event with us – ‘ What happens if it rains?’

Now, being the¬†optimistic bunch that we are, we reply, it’s summer, you’ll be fine! But, sadly, we all know¬†better.

Well, even with Big Roast doing most of their Hog roast events between March and September this is a sensible and important question as we all know the U.K. too well.

Big Roast have dealt with it all which is why we always arrive at Hog Roast events nice and early and well prepared.

Our chefs bring with them a weather-proofed Gazebo below which they create a kitchen, preparation and serving area. If in the unlikely event (tongue in cheek) it rains, everything is well protected and if it is still poring down at serving time the chef will work with the host to serve indoors.

Hog Roast events disrupted by the rain usually end up great successes as all concerned seem to pull together determined not to be beaten by the very British summer weather. You’ll be surprised how much fun a bit of rain can be and it can even help break the ice a little bit.

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One thought on “Big Roast: A very British Summer Hog Roast

  1. Tom says:


    We are getting married on the 4th of August. We require a hog roast and bread rolls for 90 people. Would you be able to cater for this and at what costs?



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