How to book a Hog Roast with Big Roast

Hog Roast Corporate EventMany people who contact Big Roast wanting to book a Hog Roast for their event ask the same questions. How does it work? and What do we need to do?

Well, below is a step by step guide to the booking process which isn’t at all complicated or time¬†consuming.

The process starts with our office team being contacted by either telephone or e-mail by clients asking if we can provide a Hog Roast for their event. The office staff will ask a few basic question to determine if we can help. The team need to know the date of the event,to see if we have space on that particular day, the postcode, to see if the client’s address falls into our region and finally if the event venue has outside space as it is impossible to Hog Roast indoors.

Once these basic questions have been settled the team then needs to know if it is a private party, a Wedding or a Corporate event and the most important question of all, How many guests are expected? This is obviously important as a Whole Hog serves up to 120 and therefore wouldn’t be appropiate for a smaller event of perhaps 45 quests. Our team would be able to offer a more suitable Roast such as a 2 Pork Loin Package which serves up to 50 and cooked in two and a half hours over a Charcoal fire.

Once the most suitable roast has been agreed upon the client would be offered a variety of additions such as Vegetarian options, salads, plates etc.

After this has all been discussed and agreed the client would be e-mailed a booking form which asks for more details such as the full address, serving time, any access problems etc.

Once the booking form has been returned and processed the client would be asked to pay a 25% deposit which when paid secures their event date and then approximately 10 days before this date they would be contacted to check if guest numbers have risen or fallen significantly. If so the Big Roast team would change to a more suitable package and once clear the balance would be collected.

The day before the event the client would be contacted to confirm the chef’s arrival time and the chef’s name.The event would take place and a few days afterwards the client would be contacted for their views on how it all went and whether there were any issues.

This feedback is vitally important as Big Roast is determined to maintain it’s reputation as a top class provider of Hog Roast.

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